Phone repair service

There is not denning in increasing popularity of mobile phones and mobile phone repair shops. There is only one problem, no manufacturer are selling spare parts 🙂 There is where the fun begins! Over the years working in this business always a customer is expecting a repair quality same as the original, cheap as possible […]

Laptop repairs

Laptops or minicomputers are very common on those days, almost everyone has one and usually a mechanical or liquid damage is inevitable. Fixing laptops is part of the job in a computer repair business and ‘repair’ can mean something else for each one of us. A repair means a laptop motherboard replacement or a motherboard […]

Apple MacBook Repair Service

Hmmm….. Apple stuff, high technology packed with top hardware and style. I know, looks complicated and indeed it is IF you don’t have the right tools and schematic diagrams in order to perform repairs. Actually the electronics is a universal language and this open a easy approach to any kind of electronics repair no matter […]

Data Recovery Service

Data recovery, the most controversial subject packed with a lot of confusion. Let’s speak about this!  First, what is the difference between a basic repair and a data recovery job? The answer is quite simple, usually a basic repair has a fixed price and a fixed amount of time and work you put in, with […]

Industrial Electronics

In the past, I’ve been doing industrial electronic repairs for about 4 years, mainly CNC machines, it’s always a pleasure every time I have a job coming from this sector. I uploaded on Youtube a video fixing a control board from an industrial device, but those kinds of videos are very hard to be digested […]

Battery capacity test!

Battery capacity test! Ether you have a phone or a laptop, you can get a free battery health test (at request), also you can get a battery replacement/repair/reset/cells replacement Laptop battery Phone battery     

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