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Data recovery, the most controversial subject packed with a lot of confusion. Let’s speak about this! 

First, what is the difference between a basic repair and a data recovery job? The answer is quite simple, usually a basic repair has a fixed price and a fixed amount of time and work you put in, with a specific purpose, to deliver a working phone! A data recovery job has no fixed time and price, involves a high skill set and experience where the main objective is to get the customer data, not a working phone. Usually a data recovery job can go up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on the time spent on it. Here is the confusion: A quick search on google it will reveal a dozen/ hundreds of data recovery websites/companies when the reality is in a country like UK, the actual people being able to carry on a data recovery job, can be counted on the fingers from a single hand, all individuals, running their own business. Why this? Well, everyone using the sentence ‘data recovery’ to advertise their own business, but in reality swapping  electronic parts/components is not even close from what a data recovery job require and many times or most of the time i’m spending time on fixing  damage created by ‘someone doing data recovery cheaper’, than the actual original board fault. Not trying to be rude but this is a fact, almost every customer i had, they tried first with ‘certified data recovery company/local shop’ before they reached me.

    Usually I don’t post videos on Youtube caring about a data recovery job as there are hours of work where the focus is on the job, not on recording a video. Anyway, the video attached here is an example of carrying out a data recovery job (an easy one) heavily edited. The real story behind that recovery job, the customer was a special case, he wanted to recover the data by itself, the phone was repaired, sent back to the customer, the phone arrived dead, customer sent the phone back, and a 4 hours job was carried again to restore the phone, then finally customer got the phone back and recovered his data. Enjoy the video!

And if you ever need repair services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help! 


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