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In the past, I’ve been doing industrial electronic repairs for about 4 years, mainly CNC machines, it’s always a pleasure every time I have a job coming from this sector. I uploaded on Youtube a video fixing a control board from an industrial device, but those kinds of videos are very hard to be digested by a regular viewer. Industrial Electronics is a different kind of monster, there is no place for mistakes as the boards are not only expensive, but you can’t even find them to buy or even if you find them, they need to be programmed by the manufacturer. The board from the video is over 1000$, the precision of a repair like that, should be unmatched with any other repairs. Indeed, they are paid very well, but the time spent for diagnosis & repair is 10 times more than any other kind of repairs, because, like I said, there is no place for mistakes!

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Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

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