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Laptops or minicomputers are very common on those days, almost everyone has one and usually a mechanical or liquid damage is inevitable. Fixing laptops is part of the job in a computer repair business and ‘repair’ can mean something else for each one of us. A repair means a laptop motherboard replacement or a motherboard repair, down to components level, that’s why i believe asking for a quote is always a good idea. Personal i can go very deep in saving the customer money and i’m not speaking about a motherboard repair, but even in a insane repairs like a screen, battery, cables, connector repair, parts which usually most of the repairs shops they will replace. Some people it will call a job like this ‘dodgy’ , but i prefer to call this ‘going one extra mile for the customer’. Enjoy the video!

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Michael Douglas

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At Sorin Electronics, we are dedicated to providing top-quality repair services to all of our customers in the United Kingdom

 Whether you need a laptop, phone, or game console fixed, our team of experts is here to help. Simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

 We’re proud to serve the UK and ensure our customers receive the best possible repair experience.

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