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We mainly specialize in phones, laptops, and gaming consoles; however, we are happy to address other electronics, too!

We can fix any of these type oF faults

Our main experience is repairing computers, mobile phones, and game consoles, but we are happy to consider almost any kind of electronic device repair, including car remote fobs, industrial electronics, electronic tool repairs, lab equipment repairs, on an individual or contract basis. For individual repair shops we can negotiate a ‘no fix no fee’ policy and discounts.

As soon as your device arrives, it will be inspected and assessed for repairs. There are some faults which we might not be able to fix. If this is the case, there is a £25 flat fee for the time spent on to your device. If we make any repairs to your device, you won’t have to pay the £25 fee.
We usually record the repairs and publish them on YouTube while protecting your private data such as names, pictures, documents, or login details. We do this for education and entertainment; however, you may opt out of this on the book-in form.
When your device is ready to be returned, you will be notified by email. Please note, if an item hasn’t been claimed and paid for after 3 months, it will be disposed of/recycled.

For ‘a laptop not coming on’ fault, we have a fixed price, which we set at two levels: standard laptops, and MacBooks/gaming laptops. This reflects the higher component costs for premium devices. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible for regular jobs such as replacement of screens, lightning, micro-usb, usb and usb-c charging ports, HDMI ports, batteries, hard drive and Windows issues, keyboards, and hinge problems. 

We also deal with liquid or water damage repairs. Please bear in mind, where there is any damage, repairing it may reveal further faults, for example in keyboards, touchpads, or touchscreens. In this case it will be further costs as we need to repair/replace those too. Another example could be replacing a battery, a charging or HDMI port but after this is completed there may be a further reason the device is not charging or displaying.

Data recovery is an extremely demanding job requiring great skill from our experienced repairers. As a result, we charge at a fixed rate of £100/hour (labour only) for this kind of work. We know your data is priceless, but dealing with rusty or cracked boards, tracks, or layers, or missing or damaged components is a very time-consuming job.

We understand you may have been looking for ‘a repair shop near me’, but the internet can give you access to experts ready to fix your device, even if they are not so near to your location. We can give you the service you require and return your device to you.

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At Sorin Electronics, we are dedicated to providing top-quality repair services to all of our customers in the United Kingdom

 Whether you need a laptop, phone, or game console fixed, our team of experts is here to help. Simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

 We’re proud to serve the UK and ensure our customers receive the best possible repair experience.

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